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Nordic Walking FAN Wroclaw

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Nordic Walking FAN Wroclaw are walks with special Nordic sticks organized in various parks across Wroclaw. The Nordic Walking FAN team promotes the most natural phisical activity which is walking plus activating the shoulder grigle due to  special walikng sticks. During the Nordic Walking the participants get familiar with the special walking techniques and the equipment. The walks are also a great occasion to socialize and meet new people. Everybody is welcome!


Park Po³udniowy - 18 May
Park Szczytnicki - 1 June
Park Grabiszynski - 6 July
Wyspa Opatowicka - 20 July
Park Szczytnicki - 10 August
Park Zachodni - Kozanow - 31 August

You need to register in advance. For more information please contact: or 501 158 301.
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