Residential Market in Wroclaw

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For a few years Wroclaw has been one of the most active Polish cities as far as the total number of units constructed by developers and cooperatives is concerned. The year 2001 was exceptional. It is then that Wroclaw ranked second to Warsaw only in relation to the amount of housing projects completed. However, the level of housing construction output has not been stable. Since then the city saw a decline in the housing output. In 2003 the situation changed slightly for the better, but in the following year the number of completed units drastically decreased reaching back the low level of 1999.
The cheapest housing units are located in the following suburbs of Wroclaw: in the western part of the city (Fabryczna area) and in the northern part of the city (the district of Psie Pole). Popular-price apartments are mainly found in the southern and south-western areas of the city – the Krzyki and the Muchobor areas. The most expensive locations are the Sepolno/Biskupin area and the Stare Miasto (Old Town) district with the projects widely ranging from popular-price flats to high-price apartments. As far as small luxury projects (1,500 Euro/sqm) are concerned, they are usually located in the Old Town area. Though they rarely appear on the market, they sell quite well.
Average monthly prices of apartments in Poland's major cities
(EUR per sqm), Jan-Dec 2006
Average monthly prices of apartments in Poland's major cities
The total number of apartments planned for completion by developers and housing cooperatives in 2005-2006 amounts to 4,300 at average gross price 750 Euro/sqm.
Taking into account the lower market, the level of demand is visibly higher than the level of supply on the residential market in Wroclaw. Thus, new development projects need to be undertaken.
Nowoczesne projekty wnętrz