Education Opportunities in Wroclaw

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Wroclaw as an old educational centre situated in the heart of Europe offers studies to international students from all over the world. Being part of the uniform European Area of Higher Education since Poland’s entry into the European Union, the universities of Wroclaw cooperate with other institutions of higher learning across Europe. They also cooperate with countries outside of the European Union. On average, every year about 500 students from various European countries come to Wroclaw to study, whereas more than 1,000 Polish students leave Wroclaw to study, research or teach at prestigious educational institutions across the continent.
The following state universities of Wroclaw offer both Graduate, Postgraduate and PhD Studies in Humanities, Languages, Social Studies, Physical Sciences, Law, Economics, Biology, Agriculture, Medicine and related disciplines, Engineering: the University of Wroclaw, the Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw University of Economics, Wroclaw Medical University, the Karol Lipinski Academy of Music, Agricultural University of Wroclaw, the Academy of Fine Arts, the University School of Physical Education, the Pope’s Faculty of Theology.
Even if foreigners do not speak Polish, they can study in Wroclaw because both summer intensive courses of Polish for Foreigners and evening or weekend courses are organized by the University of Wroclaw. Moreover, the Wroclaw University of Technology offers a one-year preparatory course for foreign students interested in studying in Poland. All the above-mentioned courses are open not only to foreign students eager to study at the University of Wroclaw or the Wroclaw University of Technology, but to students of other Wroclaw universities as well.
More information on the requirements and degree programs for foreign students can be found the universities’ web sites:
There are also a lot of non-public higher education institutions in Wroclaw. Here comes the list of the selected ones, i.e. those which have information for students given in English:


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