Wroclaw pleas for workers to go home

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The Polish city of Wroclaw has launched a campaign to try to get migrant workers back home, to help replenish labour shortages. A high number of Polish migrants work in the South Lakes, some in hotels, while others have found work in the areas factories.

Many come to work here, due to high employment and low wages in their homeland. But there are now not enough workers to cover some sectors of the Polish labour market.  It has been easier for Poles to get work here, since Poland joined the EU in 2004.

At the Wroclaw Academy of Arts 4 of the 20 students in a course come from outside Poland every two weeks to study. And the Academy says that people who come from outside Poland are more dedicated to their studies than those who come from inside Poland.

They have found that courses of study in Western Europe are lower quality than similar courses offered in Poland. And the cost of education in Western Europe is so high that the Polish students are able to commute by air, travel by train from the airport to the school, study and spend time with their families much cheaper than they can just study in Western Europe.

The students seem to have no intent of returning to Poland to live in the near future. They are happy with their new lives in Western countries and know how to work the system to return to Poland to get the benefits of the Polish educational system.

Poland, in effect, is educating the new emigrants to Western Europe and is getting the benefit of the money that these people earn in Western Europe and spend when they return to Poland to attend school.

The young Poles who are commuting are a cosmopolitan group that are changing the stereotyped of the Pole in Western Europe.

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