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The festival of brave people, people who speak about where they come from, what their values are and what their tradition and spirituality is. A festival not about works of art, but about art through which it is possible to save and protect thousands of abandoned and forlorn cultures and people. Our aim was to fund a festival to prevent expelling people from their own cultures and sensitivity; a festival about a world which is vanishing and will die if we do nothing to hold this process back by giving them and us a chance to exchange experiences. This is a festival of people who do not accept the models promoted by mass culture, people searching for the deepest possible sources of inspiration – the inner one.
In relations with such people and traditions we want to promote diversity, multiculturalism and peace.

Each edition of our festival focuses on a different aspect of either humanity, art or region of the world. That is why our previous editions were so far called: Magic voices, Asian voices, Drowned songs, Rituals: Out of Africa. This year we would like to draw our audience’s attention to the incredible richness of various forms related to the art of praying, worshipping and meditation, and we therefore want to present a number of authentic and little known rituals, ceremonies, sacred songs and rites from Asia, Africa and Europe.
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