Credit Suisse launches center of excellence in Wroclaw

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Credit Suisse is pleased to announce the launch of a new Center of Excellence (CoE) in Wroclaw, Poland. The Center supports both the further expansion of the Bank's global sourcing initiative and its commitment to the Eastern European region.

"Centers of Excellence" is a global sourcing initiative that aims to leverage talent around the world and maximize efficient use of Credit Suisse's resources. This newest Center of Excellence is an expansion of the existing program with similar CoEs already established in Singapore, Raleigh-Durham (North Carolina, USA) and Pune (India).

After a rigorous site selection process, Credit Suisse decided that Wroclaw meets the Bank's requirements best, providing both a well-educated labour force and good infrastructure at a competitive cost-level.

The new Wroclaw site will support the Bank's global businesses. It is expected to be operational in the third quarter of 2007 and, on a medium-term basis, to accommodate approximately 400 employees, most of whom will initially work in the Operations area. At a later stage, the site is planned to be expanded to include additional bank functions.


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