Wroc³aw - City of Success

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The Confederation of Polish Employers decided to honour me with a Vector award for “creating a new definition of the word ‘administrator’, for efficient and impressive management of the enterprise called “Wroc³aw.” This is a remarkable award. I treat it as a collective award for the team made up of all the residents of Wroc³aw.

It is their bold thinking and actions, their initiative and hard work that determine the high position of the city and give it good prospects for the future. And for this reason I felt trully proud and happy collecting the award.


Today Wroc³aw is a city of well-balanced budget (second to Warsaw). It is an attractive and investor-friendly place. We can see great interest and trust of well-known international concerns, which choose to invest their capital here. Among those who have invested in Wroc³aw are LG Philips, Toshiba, Siemens and Hewlett Packard. The inflow of fresh capital and the engagement of such renowned companies guarantee a continuous development of the local economy and give a chance to stimulate the development of local businesses.


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