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Shopping in Wroclaw

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The capital of Lower Silesia is a perfect shopping venue, dotted with a wealth of shops ranging from glamorous shopping malls and cosy boutigues to good quality specialist shops and galleries. Wroclaw’s shops offer lower prices than in Western European cities and they are mostly located in the beautiful Old Town, which makes shopping experience even more enjoyable!

There are a few large shopping centres with a wide range of shops where customers can find:
brand clothes, lingerie, sporting products, shoes and leather goods, accessories, jewellery, perfumes and cosmetics, electronic and electric equipment, home furnishings, books, press, toys, gifts and food – all to fulfil customers’ needs.

When customers get hungry or need a break they can visit centres’ restaurants and cafes, where they can enjoy delicious cuisine from around the globe or sip a coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. Visit Wroclaw’s centres to see how pleasurable shopping can be!

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Map of Wroclaw

Map of Wroclaw

Wroclaw Map | Map of Wroclaw Poland

Plan your trip with our interactive Wroclaw Map section. Major routes through and around Wroclaw city.

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