This year Wroclaw is going to have the tallest Christmas tree in Europe

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This year, the area around Hala Stulecia (Hala Ludowa) at Wystawowa Street is going to be the centre of Christmas celebrations. The city prepares many attractions in the area. The 90 m tall Wroclaw spire is going to be transformed into a huge Christmas tree. At the foot of the tree, there is going to be a 1000 m² ice-rink (the official opening on 6 Dec, at 5 p.m.). Another attraction will be a Christmas crib with real animals. Next to the ice-rink there is going to be a Christmas fair with traditional Christmas sweets, gifts and decorations as well as gastronomic outlets with Polish, Czech and German specialities. The specialities will include hot, spiced beer and wine and baked apples. On 22-23 December there is a Christmas antique fair, where you can buy a unique Christmas presents. The Old Town is going to be the main venue for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

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