Museum of art, not history, for Wroclaw

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Polish Minister of Culture Bogdan Zdrojewski has stopped the previous government's plans for a Museum of the Western Territories in Wroclaw. In place of the history museum, a museum of modern art is to be established.
Robert Mazurek has no sympathy for the decision. "Bogdan Zdrojewski withdrew the EU funding, explaining that he didn't want us to become a country of museums and necropolises. That is a remarkable statement for a Minister of Culture and ? mind this! -- National Heritage." Mazurek points sarcastically to the lack of a Museum of Communism or a modern Museum of the World Wars in Poland. "New, gigantic museums are being built by Germans (Expellees!), Israel and France. On this list, Poland is a country with Dairy and Pharmacy Museums, local museums in Chojnice, Lebork or Sieradz and hundreds of Fire Brigade Museums, ... but without a single meaningful Museum of Polish History!"
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