An Indian giant will build a research centre in Wroclaw

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The Indian corporation Wipro, in cooperation with Credit Suisse, is to establish a research and service centre in Wroclaw, dealing in the management of personnel.
The Service Delivery Centre will conduct its activities in the field of staff support and deal with matters relating to human resources, e.g. in: recruitment, bonus systems, managing the effectiveness of work, managing human resources, training and in the progress of employees. The Centre is to be fully operational by October of this year.
Initially a team of app. 140 staff will be employed at Wipro’s new centre - these will mainly be higher education graduates speaking English and German. - They’ll be graduates in IT and also from arts subjects - said Mr Herald Stoehr, the head of HR at Credit Suisse, who is to be the centre’s director.
- Credit Suisse are to create a completely new, innovative and more effective system for globally managing their staff - stated Mr Ramit Sethi, vice president of Wipro BPO - The Wipro Company are to assist Credit Suisse in this system’s project and its later control. For this task we’re opening two centres, the first is to be the one in Wroclaw and another one will be in Pune, India.
Mr Sethi, acknowledged that in event of the centre’s expansion and it receiving further assignments, not only from Credit Suisse but also from Wipro’s other strategic partners, the centre in Wroc³aw would be further developed. What caused the investors to choose Wroclaw? Mr Stoehr, stressed that it was because Wroclaw was a strong academic centre and it would be easy to find university graduates with language and IT skills there.
Wipro is the third largest IT firm in India, it works closely with companies like Microsoft, Cisco, HP, IBM, SAP and Sun. Across the world it employs 80 thousand staff.

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