Wroclaw dwarves

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While strolling along the streets of Wroclaw's Old Town, if you watch closely, you will have a chance to see a mushrooming population of little gnomes (in Polish: krasnale) making poses on the city’s pavements. You can see them munching on dumplings, sleeping or making phone calls etc.

These miniature dwarves were created by a local artist Tomasz Moczek and have been springing up around the Old Town since 2005.

These fairy-tale creatures are not just a tourist gimmick, the symbolize the Orange Alternative Movement, which aimed to ridicule the Communist regime in Wroclaw in the late 1980s. With their mischievous nature, gnoms were a natural mascot for the Movement. Its supporters were often wearing luminous orange hats or drew pictures of gnomes on buildings wherever antigovernment slogans had been erased.

Fortunately, the Communism is gone and the little cheeky creatures are still there!
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