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Unlike some European cities where taxis are notorious for taking advantage of tourists, the marked taxis in Wroclaw are well regulated, honest, affordable and reliable. But beware of unmarked private taxis near the railway station and certain hotels, which are unreliable and overcharge. The private taxis are in the minority in Wroclaw and it is easy to distinguish between them and the reliable radio dispatched ones: Marked radio taxis have signs on the roof and markings on the side with the telephone number and the name of the company clearly visible.

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Many of the companies have a toll free phone number. Some of the most reliable Wroclaw taxis are listed below:

ZTP (phone: +48719622, www.ztp.pl)
• MPT BOX (phone: +48719191, www.919.com.pl)
• Domino Taxi (phone: +48719625, www.taxi.wroclaw.pl)
•  Radio Taxi Serc (phone: +48719625, www.taxi.net.pl)
• Hallo Radio Taxi (phone: +48719621)

How to order TAXI service in Wroclaw

While you may hail a taxi from the street, it is important to note that radio dispatched taxi firms offer discounts (approximately 20%) when you order by phone.

• Call the taxi radio dispatch (most dispatchers speak English and if not ask for an English operator) •Tell the dispatch your location and name (it is important to give your name as this will be confirmed by the driver).
• After waiting a few moments the dispatch will tell you the colour and type of vehicle and the time of arrival (eg. “ there will be a blue Mercedes at your location in 4 minutes”)
• When you see your taxi (it will be of the colour and type described and will have the phone number of the company clearly marked) enter and give your name for confirmation)
• Away you go! If you called the taxi by phone then, at your destination, with any fare above 10 Zlotych, you will receive a disounted fare (approx 20%). The driver will either consult a special chart or, as is increasingly the case with newer cabs, have the discounted fare automatically calculated by the meter. By phoning for a cab, you will always pay less than if you hail the same taxi from the street, regardless of time of day or tariff.

 TAXI tariff in Wroclaw

There are 4 taxi tariffs programmed into the taxi meters of all taxis in Wroclaw and you will pay a different tariff based on location and time of day. The tariff number will be on the meter above the charge and will indicate either numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4. The higher the tariff number the higher will be the charge per kilometer. The system is quite straightforward and is explained below:

Tariffs 1 and 2 are for travel within the city limits of Wroclaw itself: Tariff 1 is the least expensive and pertains to travel from Monday through to Saturday during the period from 6:00 in the morning till 22:00 in the evening. Tariff 2 is slightly higher and would be charged. From 22:00 till 6:00 in the morning as well as all day Sunday and on holidays.

Tariffs 3 and 4 are employed in exactly the same manner, except that they are charged when you are outside the city limits of Wroclaw. Thus, Tariffs 3 and 4 outside of the city are similar to Tariffs 1 and 2, respectively, within the city limits.


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