Wroclaw Technology Park

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Wroclaw Technology Park is meant to create conditions for better utilisation of the scientific and industrial potential of the city of Wroc³aw and of the region. Wroclaw Technology Park has been designed for advanced technology-based enterprises, laboratories and scientific as well as research and development centres.

The undeveloped real estate and DINT (LOWER SILESIAN SCIENTIFIC-TECHNOLOGY INCUBATOR) building are located within the limits of Szwajcarska, Klecinska, Muchoborska and Dunska streets, the zone of significant business activities on the map of Wroclaw, with total area of ca 10 ha, having good communications with: city centre (ca 15 min), international airport (ca 10 min), motorway (ca 10 min). National highways and arterial roads network near the in-town ring road being constructed, allowed for in the local spatial development plan - resolution of the Council of the city of Wroc³aw of 4 July 2002.

The right to perpetual usufruct of undeveloped WPT S.A. land will be sold to companies performing activities innovative in nature. The Local Spatial Development Plan allows for ca 16% of the park area to be designated for recreational areas (lawns, bushes, small water constructions, pathways, etc.) and common parking lots, internal roads, yards, etc. Wroclaw Technology Park have the right to perpetual usufruct to the plot, established by the Wroclaw Commune.

When designing the building the major focus was put on mobility of its functions to allow for changes of the usage profile, adjustment to various functions and changing needs, adaptability to individual user’s needs with regard to functional and technological equipment requirements adequate for the type of business to be run.

Wroclawski Park Technologiczny S.A.
ul. Muchoborska 18
54-424 Wroclaw
Fax: (+48 71) 780 40 34
E-mail: wpt@technologpark.pl


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