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Ksiaz Castle

Type: Monument
Location: outer town

Address: 70 km from Wroclaw
Tel: +4874 6643834
Opening hours: 10 - 18

Ksiaz Castle, the Pearl of Lower Silesia, erected in the 13th century, is one of the greatest visitor attraction of the region. Throughout the course of history, this splendid castle belonged to numerous owners. Between 1509 and 1941, the castle was under the dominion of the mighty House of Hochbergs, who enlarged the castle and significantly contributed to its splendour. In 1941 the castle was confiscated by the Nazis. Numerous historic chambers were destroyed. The Nazis digged the tunnels, the function of which is still not clearly defined. After the castle had been liberated, the demolition work initiated by the Nazis was continued by the Red Army. In 1952 the renovation work was undertaken to restore the previous grandeur of the castle. Nowadays, visitors can admire numerous splendid chambers, terraces and surrounding gardens. The underground tunnel is also available for tourist. Nearby the castle there is the Ksiaz Hotel.
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